FIFA 20 Ultimate Team building guide

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team building guide

In reality, there is hardly anything left in the game without money, and that’s no different in Ultimate Team mode.

The coins in FUT you receive for services rendered in this mode, especially through games. They are the cornerstone of your team building, because without them you can not commit players. Therefore, we tell you on this page where and how you get it easiest.

Quick and easy to get Coins in FIFA 20

Getting into Ultimate Team is anything but easy, and that too for your virtual coins account. If it starts after a while, it will be easier for you. First of all, there is the team building up, which requires investment. What is not immediately possible, it takes time. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. To fulfill all your wishes, you need many coins.

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FIFA 20: FUT Icons ratings revealed, including Zidane, Guardiola, Essien, Wright and more

Is it legal to Buy or sell FIFA 20 coins?

Have you ever felt the temptation to spend real money on FIFA Points and open all sorts of card packages? Do you want a good tip? Let it be! It brings in the end little, because you almost certainly not get what you want.

Of course this applies especially to star players like Messi or Ronaldo. Sure, everyone has the necessary luck, but overall, the chance is quite low to get such a kicker. Look at the transfer market, if you want to have a wish player.

How to build best ultimate team in fifa 20

The first step is to set up a bronze team to play matches, squad battles, seasons and tournaments. As rewards, cards and coins will help you here. In season mode FUT rewards you with coins for victories and also for championships and ascents. In special tournaments you can also prove your abilities, but often have to fulfill certain requirements for participation. This could be X players from one country or something else, for example.

A good tip to increase the yield of coins is the EA Football Club’s Coins Boosts . They are available on different levels and for a set number of matches you will receive more coins. Redeem them one by one, so that you get more coins for a certain amount of time – there is no disadvantage here.

Have you played for a while against the AI, you can certainly venture into online games against other players – in successes there are more coins for it than in AI games. However, a human player can challenge you more than the computer. For tournament victories there are valuable coins and sets.

What you should not do is to give free rein to your frustration. Do not leave a match through Rage Quit, if no success is foreseeable. For one, because it would not be fair to your opponent. On the other hand, your coin multiplier decreases.

FIFA 20 Coins – Tips, Cheats and Merchant

One or the other has probably already thought about whether there are cheats, exploits, hacks or other not so perfect tricks to get to Coins. Even if it should be possible, that’s not what we hear. It should be fair here.

At the same time, such unwanted items are always a risk to your account. Hackers or supposed providers of free coins and other beautiful things entice you that you get them when you log in on other sites. The idea behind this is to get your credentials and hijack your account. A basic rule is: nobody gives away FUT coins . Believe that only if you read it with perfectly identifiable and official sources. Ignore everything that can be read on any dubious pages or in videos. Especially when comments are repeatedly spammed with it. Do not give such people a chance.

Take care of your account data. Electronic Arts would like to have it only in-game or in the official companion apps. Otherwise nobody should ask for it. If someone does it, that is a clear warning signal. Hands off!

Also be wary of coin purchases via eBay and other platforms. This is often not right and when EA gets someone, buyers and sellers are blocked.

FIFA 20: FUT Icons ratings revealed, including Zidane, Guardiola, Essien, Wright and more

FIFA 20: FUT Icons ratings revealed, including Zidane, Guardiola, Essien, Wright and more

EA Sports announces FIFA 20 ratings of the new FIFA Ultimate Team Mode icons. Among other things, you will experience the power of Zidane, Pirlo, Guardiola and other icons. We show you the new ratings and give you some background information about the individual stars.

FIFA Ultimate Team will see 20 changes in FIFA and new FUT icons will be introduced. Zinedine Zidane is one of them, also featured on the cover of Ultimate Edition.

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FIFA 20 Review

Fifa 20 Release date


EA Sports has also released a new trailer to celebrate the announcement, highlighting the French midfielder:


Ratings of the 14 new icons in FUT 20

The icons in FIFA Ultimate Team always have different versions. This is also the case in the newly introduced icons. They are intended to show and illustrate different phases in the career of a former professional.

Zinedine Zidane

Unfortunately, Zidane remains in the head of many people due to the head butt in the 2006 World Cup finals. At that time he rammed his head into the chest of the Italian Marco Materazzi. Nonetheless, the Frenchman is considered one of the best midfielders ever to play. Often lovingly called Zizou, he was voted World Player of the Year three times in his career.

He also became World and European champion with the French national team. He also won with Juventus Turin, which will be called FIFA 20 Piemonte Calcio, two Italian championships. In addition, he could once win the Spanish championship as well as the UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid. Since his retirement he started a successful coaching career. As a coach, he has already won the UEFA Champions League three times with Real Madrid and was the first and only coach to do so three times in a row. He also won during his tenure a Spanish championship and other titles.

fifa 20 zinedine zidane

Andrea Pirlo

A legend, not just in Italian football. An embodiment of elegance on and off the pitch. Six Italian Championships, two with AC Milan and four with Juventus Turin. In addition, each an Italian Cup victory with the two clubs and world champion in 2006, in the World Cup which took place in Germany. In this game Pirlo was also voted “Man of the Match”. At the end of his career, he still played in the US, before he hung his shoe on the nail.

fifa 20 Andrea Pirlo

pep Guardiola

Before Pep became a coach star, he was also active as an active player in the professional field. As a former youth player from FC Barcelona, ​​he embodies the “La Masia” philosophy of the youth academy of the club. At the age of 20, a rarity at that time, he started in the professional team of the Catalans and played eleven years for them. He was an integral part of the so-called “Dream Team”, which in 1992 brought the then European Cup of Champions (the then Champions League) and the Spanish Championship. As a player, he won 16 trophies with FC Barcelona.

fifa 20 pep Guardiola

Gianluca Zambrotta

A celebrity in defense, sometimes used in midfield: Gianluca Zambrotta. He also won the 2006 World Cup with the Italian national team and was central to the fact that the team conceded only two goals on their way to the title. He was also elected to the All-Star team of the 2006 World Cup. In addition to his world title, he also celebrated several Italian championships.

fifa 20 Gianluca Zambrotta

Michael Essien

His nickname “The Bison” came from his playing style. He started his career in France and won there with Olympique Lyon two championship titles. In 2005 he became the then record transfer for Chelsea, with a converted transfer fee of approximately 38 million euros. With more than nine years at Stamford Bridge, he has won two English league titles, three FA Cups and once the UEFA Champions League.

fifa 20 Michael Essien

Didier Drogba

Drogba made the breakthrough with Marseille in 2003/04. He scored 32 goals in 55 games and was voted Ligue 1 Player of the Year. Then moved to Chelsea, with whom he celebrated four Premiere League titles, four FA Cups and three League Cups. He also converted the decisive penalty in the UEFA Champions League final in 2012. This was the first Champions League success for the Blues.

fifa 20 Didier Drogba

Ian Wright

A legend for Crystal Palace and Arsenal London. His professional career began at only 22 at Crystal Palace, but that did not stop him from showing his cold-bloodedness in front of the goal. In his debut season for the “Gunners” in London, he scored 29 goals and won the Golden Boot (top scorer). He also won with Arsenal London once the English championship as well as an FA Cup. He is currently with 128 goals the second most successful arsenal scorer of all time (behind Thierry Henry).

fifa 20 Ian Wright

Ian Rush

The Welshman scored 30 goals in his second season for Liverpool and since then it has become more and more. In 1984 he won the Golden Boot (top scorer) and won five English championships, three FA Cups, twice the Cup of Champions (the then Champions League) and other titles.

fifa 20 Ian Rush

Ronald Koeman

Although the Dutchman was actually a defender, he scored more goals than other midfield players. He began his career in 1980 at FC Groningen, where he met 33 times, then he played at Ajax Amsterdam and met there 23 times. In his last Dutch station he was with PSV Eindhoven. He also met there 51 times. As a player, he won four Dutch championships, three Dutch Cup wins, a Spanish Cup success, four Spanish championships and 1988 European Championship.

fifa 20 Ronald Koeman

Hugo Sanchez

During his studies in dentistry, he won his first master title in Mexico shortly before his 19th birthday in 1977. After five seasons in Mexico Sanchez spent four years at Atletico Madrid, before moving to rivals Real Madrid. Overall, the Mexican striker scored over 200 goals, five consecutive LaLiga titles, three national cups and a UEFA Cup victory.

fifa 20 Hugo Sanchez

Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish

Sir Kenneth Mathieson “Kenny” Dalglish was part of the Liverpool squad that enjoyed an amazing domination both domestically and in Europe. He is considered one of the best players in Liverpool history as well as Celtic Glasgow. In Glasgow, he was able to celebrate six championships, five Scottish Cup victories and three league cup victories. In his 13 years with the Reds in Liverpool, King Kenny won five English championships, four League Cup wins and three European Champions Cups.

John Barnes

John Barnes was incredibly fast, tricky and played a key role in a Watford team that finished second in the league and runner-up in the FA Cup before moving to Liverpool. Barnes terrorized defenders throughout his time in Anfield, helping his side win two league titles and two FA Cups .

fifa 20 John Barnes

Carlos Alberto Torres

One of the first defenders to be blessed with very good technique and ball handling. Still a rarity in the 60s. Known under the nickname “O Capitão do Tri” won the 1970 with the Brazilian national team, the World Cup. In the final he met the fourth and final goal, which is considered in the history of the World Cup as one of the best goals.

fifa 20 Carlos Alberto Torres


After making a name for his flair and his incredible dribbling actions, he resisted numerous attempts by major European clubs to sign him up. He stayed with Botafogo for 13 years, playing a starring role for the Brazilian national team that won two consecutive FIFA World Cups (1958 and 1962). As unbelievable as it sounds, but Brazil has never lost a game when Garrincha and Pele were in the lineup. In addition to Pele Garrincha is considered one of the best footballers in Brazilian history.

fifa 20 Garrincha

Is it legal to Buy or sell FIFA 20 coins?

Is it legal to Buy or sell FIFA 20 coins

Almost everywhere on the internet you are confronted with some “coin sellers”. There are larger such as MMOGA and smaller rather dubious providers.

Why buy FIFA 20 coins?

The FIFA 20 coins are the most important currency in FIFA Ultimate Team. With them you can not only open FUT packs, but also buy targeted players in the transfer market. The FIFA Points , however, can use their draft for FUT packs and FUT. Also, you can only get the points by using real money. The Coins, however, you get, for example, in which you participate in tournaments such as the FUT Champions Cup or Division Rivals plays.

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Where do all the coins come from?

For a long time it was rumored where all the coins came from the platforms. Quite often there was talk of Indian or Chinese “farmers” who hang the whole day before the FUT Web App and bid on players and buy them. But now everyone knows that this is not true. Much more FUT Autobuyer are used to collect these coins. But this accounts for just under 10% of the sold coins. 90% comes from tools like the FIFA Coin Generator , which have been around for almost a decade and can give some players free coins and points.

Can one be banned?

It all depends on where you buy the coins and what security measures are used. There is definitely a danger, but it really depends on how many coins you buy, what method you use and much more. We can only advise you to choose reputable providers. That would be, for example, MMOGA, which has been in business for a long time.

Can you earn a lot of money with it?

Yes, actually. There are a lot of players who use the FIFA 20 hack to get free coins. Then they sell them for real money. This is a very good way to profit from the game. However, we can only advise you to use the FIFA 20 coin generator for yourself, as we will finally make it available for free. You could make your own website and sell the coins or you can offer them in forums, Facebook or on eBay . One strategy would be to create multiple accounts, generate coins and points on them, and then sell those accounts. The decision is up to you. We can not advise you.

How Expensive Are FIFA Coins?

The price really varies very much. There are so many variables to include. But it can be said quite clearly that all this is based on supply and demand. The more players want to buy coins, the higher the price will be. The fewer coins that are available for sale, the higher the price will be. There can be no fixed price such as call at the FIFA Points. Within just a few days, the price can fluctuate very much.

FIFA 20 PC System Requirements – Minimum & Recommended Specs

FIFA 20 PC System Requirements

The FIFA 20 release is getting closer: The new football simulation will be released on September 27th. With the FIFA 20 demo, you’ll be tapping into the new EA kicker at an early stage: the trial version is expected for September 12th. To prepare for the release, we have the FIFA 20 system requirements ready. In our overview you will learn which hardware specs are recommended – and which components should be installed for the minimum requirements in your system.

About two weeks before the release of the full version, a FIFA 20 demo is expected: the trial is expected next week. A recent leak indicates that the demo is available for download on September 12th. So you already play the new EA kicker 14 days earlier. In the demo are allegedly the Volta and kick-off mode to choose from, along with various top teams. The regular release of the full version is scheduled for September 27th. Anyone who reaches for the Ultimate Edition will start on September 24th.

FIFA 20 PC System Requirements

EA Access Premier members (around € 100 a year) will launch the new FIFA 20 season on PC on September 18th . The same day, the Play First Trials are also available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. EA Access Basic subscribers (25 euros per year) then play the full version of FIFA 20 ( now available for € 69.00 ) , but limited to a total of ten hours. To help you prepare for the new EA kicker, here are the FIFA 20 System Requirements for PC. The information includes the system specifications for the minimum requirements and recommended prerequisites.

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To get your FIFA 20 up and running on PC, you need at least an AMD Phenom II X4 965 or Intel Core i3-2100, 8 GB RAM and an AMD Radeon HD 7850 2 GB or Nvidia GTX 660 2 GB. For the recommended specs, Electronic Arts lists an AMD FX 8150 or Intel i5-3550 processor. As a graphics card, the developers call such as the AMD Radeon R9 270X or Nvidia GeForce GTX 670. 8 gigabytes of RAM are also sufficient for the recommended Specs. The installation requires a free hard disk space of about 50 gigabytes. Details of the FIFA 20 requirements can be found in the table below.

Minimum Requirements

Operating system : Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 – 64-bit

Processor : AMD Phenom II X4 965, Intel Core i3-2100 or equivalent

Storage : 8 GB

Graphic card : AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB, NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB or equivalent

Hard disk : At least 50 GB free space

Online connection : At least 512 kbps Internet speed. To install and play an internet connection is required.

Recommended PC requirements

Operating system : Windows 10 – 64-bit

Processor : AMD FX 8150, Intel i5-3550 or equivalent

Storage : 8 GB

Graphic card : AMD Radeon R9 270X, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or equivalent

Hard disk : At least 50 GB free space

Online connection : At least 512 kbps Internet speed. To install and play an internet connection is required .

FIFA 20 Review : What are the new features?

FIFA 20 Review

Even more realistic should be “FIFA 20” thanks to Football Intelligence or Controlled Tackling. A first test version now provides impressions of what you can expect from it.

Electronic Arts has already communicated the most important innovations of “FIFA 20” at the E3 gaming fair . But only very few could imagine how the new mechanics should actually make the game better.

Now a first trial version of the football simulation provides more detailed impressions, which is why we want to take a closer look at them.

Sideways dribble

The most perceptible innovation in “FIFA 20” is the sideways dribbling, with which a player can quickly move in a different direction with the right combination of keys. Dribbling artists are likely to enjoy doing so, as the movement can be used very flexibly and in many places makes other special movements superfluous. For the defending player it gets really hard, which would be the next point.

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AI and standards

In the current FIFA 19, many players found the AI ​​of defense to be too strong. With the latest issue, the developers turn the screw down a bit, which should make the defense much harder. Also, standard situations are to be simplified. Since direct free kicks rarely led to a goal, they often preferred the short version in “FIFA 19”. How good the new free-kick variants are, can not yet be said exactly. Penalties are also heavily revised and will no longer degenerate into a lottery in the future.

ball physics

The new ball physics system should provide even more realism. This happens, for example, through the redesigned movement system, which allows ball turns and impact and thus creates more authenticity. New ball trajectories in the form of arc lamps on fluttering balls and trimmed standards up to powerful direct acceptance should be possible.


At the moment it is still difficult to estimate how much “FIFA 20” will actually differ from its predecessor. The new tuners sound promising, but for casual players they will probably make no big difference. It’s safe to say that FIFA 20 is feeling a bit slower and may have scored more goals as a result of the poorer defense, which should not be enough of waves of excitement.

Fifa 20 Release date,rumors and information you need to know

Fifa 20 Release date,rumors and information you need to know

FIFA 20 is in the starting blocks. For players, stadiums and gameplay, EA Sports has already provided some, in part surprising, information. Now, the developers also announced what changes in this year’s career mode will be integrated.Fans may here for the first time in years again hope for significant changes. All rumors and information about FIFA 20 are presented here. In the video you can see the gameplay trailer for the game.

About Fifa 20 career mode

The career mode has been a constant topic of contention for many FIFA players in recent years. While a majority of gamblers are more into the online Ultimate Team with online challenges.There is one non-disgusting group that prefers a more comfortable manager mode.

The accusation to EA Sports in the past. Since the offline mode without in-game payments unlike Ultimate Team is not a “cash cow” of the Group. The developers were often accused of treating the career option rather neglected. On crucial innovations one waited in vain. Although these were demanded on Reddit, Twitter and Co. again and again by fans of the mode.

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It seems that EA Sports has heard the prayers of career followers this year.
As you can see from the ” Pitch Notes ” for FIFA 20, there are some exciting changes.

  • Due to greater relevance of the moral attributes of the actors, dealing with the players also gains in importance in-game
  • More detailed press conferences and transfer negotiations with more choices
  • Dynamic player potentials that can change to positive or negative based on the performance after the season
  • More individual choices when designing the outside of the manager (skin tone, mouth shape, etc.)
  • For the first time there is the possibility to use a woman as a team manager

FIFA 20: Release date, pre-order and more info

EA Sports has since announced that the gamewill be released on September 27, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC for FIFA 20 .

With EA Access or Origin Access, even more adventurous players will also be able to test the full version 3 days earlier; the same applies to pre-orderers of one of the special versions Champions Edition or Ultimate Early Edition. Although these costs more, but have the advantage that you dusted in addition to the earlier access also some free objects for the Ultimate Team mode. You can also pre-order the standard game on Amazon .

An official date for the FIFA 20 demo , however, is not yet known. Fans are likely to adjust but probably to about 13 September. Also last year, the demo was released two weeks before the launch of the full version.

FIFA 20: Cover Stars announced – many fans surprised

fifa 20 cover star

EA Sports has always had one or more cover stars in the last few years for every part of the FIFA series. Unsurprisingly, the Canadian developer put particular emphasis on the two players who dominated world football over the past decade: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been on the cover of the FIFA 13 football game since the cover for FIFA 13 ( with one exception ).

The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo will not be considered this year makes EA’s point of view: at the beginning of his predecessor, FIFA 19, the Portuguese side’s transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus had caused problems. This year, rivals Pro Evolution Soccer have signed an exclusive contract with the Italian record champions, even banning FIFA from using the name “Juventus Turin”. The legal problems of the now 34-year-olds did not necessarily speak for EA for his involvement.

As part of the cover presentation, the manufacturer has also announced the first icon / legend for the new game: the Italian midfield maestro Andrea Pirlo , who until recently played in the United States, is part of the legendary series for the first time.

FIFA 20 with football pitch mode

EA Sports has had some interesting news for FIFA players over the past few days: With FIFA VOLTA , EA is bringing back the popular “street footballer” mode, which in the past was marketed as a stand-alone game, ” FIFA Street “. In other words, players can compete in smaller teams on smaller asphalt pitches, with a focus more on simplified skill moves and fast gameplay.

Unlike FIFA Street, however, a “more realistic footballing experience” is promised. The kick on the street can then be enjoyed in, among other things, a kick-off, a story and a league mode.

According to the trailer, VOLTA can also be played in a hall – but here, too, after the looser street kick rules. A true hall mode, waiting for the fans since FIFA 98, it will probably not exist in this form.

FIFA 20: How EA should improve the gameplay

EA Sports seems to be currently responding to the criticism and suggestions for improvement of the community activier, as one can read in a blog entry . For the time being, it refers only to changes in the gameplay. Improvements to the game modes and infrastructure are not addressed here.

The first big spectrum in gameplay is the AI defense behavior . EA’s focus should now be on strengthening manual defense defense while reversing AI’s automatic defensive actions. The superiority of AI tackles and grabs was one of the main criticisms of the community in FIFA 19. In addition, with “Planned Tackling” a new feature will be presented, which should make the manual control in defense more rewarding and effective.

Another frequently cited criticism of the players: The 1-on-1 against the goalkeeper , when the player runs alone with ball to the opponent’s goal, was to wilkürlich and the goalkeeper usually just too strong. This ultimately meant that more goals came from flanks and long shots than “normal” finals – most players found that simply unrealistic in the long run.

This is where the leverage is supposed to be. Players are supposed to be “rewarded” for beautiful combinations alone in front of the goal. While the goalkeepers are to become “more human” again. The timed financial statements from FIFA 19 are also expected to play an important role again.

Other changes in the overview:

  • Effectiveness of volley shots and flanks should be reduced
  • More diverse outputs of header duels
  • Stringing together skill moves (climbers and Co.) is much more difficult
  • The positional play on standards will be improved both offensively and defensively
  • Manually controlling the goalkeeper becomes more realistic and less “overpowering”
  • Passports and their susceptibility to errors become more realistic; Pass angle and position of greater importance for registration result
  • Also the change of the players, in particular with “free” balls, should be more intuitive and easier by the hand